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To improve the lifestyle and help individuals make informed and wise decisions pertaining to their everyday life. Give platform to talk and seek solutions on issues that are hard to talk about and confront while help enjoy life to the best of abilities.


To offer and give Information sessions pertaining to different spheres of lifestyle, with the aim to empower, educate, entertain and make a positive change in life, in a fun yet elegant way.

About the Event Bedroom Affairs 2019

Bedroom Affairs 2019 is one of the best sexual health and healing lifestyle events, hosted annually, it aims to promote sexual wellness, through an open environment, where learning the latest facts about sex, sensuality and wellness is celebrated with styles and flair. Sensual and sexual healing will be the order of the day (nights!)

The event is meant for both women and men in their diverse sexuality. We will be highlighting on workshops / sexminars and live demonstrations from some of the top sex and wellness experts. There will be exhibitions and all exhibitors will have a chance to present their products to everyone, some of the exhibitors are in sexual health, overall wellness, fitness, sensual techniques, confidences moulders and boosters, etc.

The event is spread over 2 consecutive nights, on the 2nd of August, Gentlemen only are open to invitation, and on the 3rd of August, Ladies only are open to the invite. By attending you will walk away feeling rejuvenated and ready to explore all your sexual needs. We are committed to promoting a happy, wiser and open minded community

Bedroom Affairs 2019, with all adult entertainment that will be presented on both these nights, aims to empower, educate and entertain its diverse attendees to rediscover themselves and explore all benefits of a healthy lifestyle.